The Intuitive Healing Method with Jennie Logue

Solutions to chronic health and emotional issues 

imagine having a personal healer support you in...

Prevent illness and reverse chronic dis-ease in your life 

The possibility of healing from a chronic issue in your physical or emotional body can often seem elusive or even impossible.

With chronic conditions, it can be challenging to find a cause, let alone a viable solution that will bring back your health and vitality. The good news is, it doesn't have to be that way. With the Intuitive Healing Method, you will learn a set of tools to help yourself and your family heal now. And you will retain these tools into the future.

If you don't know where else to go for your chronic issue, I feel for you. I know how chronic conditions can weigh on you and your family.

It's your time to heal. 

I love witnessing the transformation in my clients; their voice changes, their face changes, and after 6 weeks, they’re filled with light, strength, and vibrance. I'm assuring you that here at The Intuitive Healing Method, you're in the right place. You have found a solution.

It Works.

See what people are saying:

Hi Jennie, I went in for my eye surgery and they said I do not have a detached retina! I keep believing in the power of the mind more and more with each event and all of your teachings.
— Silvia M.
Despite our distance, I have been a witness to the loving presence and power of Angels healing through the hands of Jennie. It turned out I had breast cancer. Jennie’s support and intervention were vital in helping me receive medical treatment in the very best way.
— Rosa E.
I am amazed by how powerful your healing technique is. I used it to clear my daughter’s throat. It worked like magic. I’m very grateful!
— Adriana A.


Meet your chiropractic intuitive

Over the past 27 years working as a Doctor of Chiropractic my intuition has been confirmed on blood tests, x-rays, MRI´s, EEG´s and ultrasound studies. 

Patients have confirmed the feelings and images I receive are right on.  

Thousands of my patients, whether I treated them in person or did a healing by phone are now living with with less pain and pills...and more energy and happiness!