The Program

Improve your health; Improve your life 

Do you struggle with...

Being unable to find a solution for a chronic health issue

Depression, anxiety, or fatigue

Not feeling well; like something is wrong but you don’t know what it is

Feeling like you've tried everything and don’t know where else to go


It's time to regain your vitality.




You may have your own method of staying healthy, whether it's dietary changes, taking vitamins, exercising regularly, meditating or visiting your MD or other healthcare professional. 

But you may not be aware of the many subtleties affecting your health and your body's ability to heal. These are tiny details that go undetected by even the most sophisticated medical testing. For example, there could be a glitch in your system that keeps the liver or pancreas from distributing adequate quantities of enzymes and hormones to your cells with the end result being poor digestion or a chronic lack of energy, for example.


The Intuitive Healing Method

has been proven over and over again by lab tests.

My students have strengthened their teeth, improved eyesight and circulation, reduced pain and anxiety, dissolved plantar warts and lumps in their breasts using my techniques. One of my patients healed her cancer, confirmed by two oncologists. Recently a patient avoided an eye surgery as she healed her detached retina, again confirmed by tests in a top eye clinic in Mexico City.

The Intuitive Healing Program is designed to give you concrete and tangible results in your health and vitality.

In fact, the program comes with a before and after lab test so that you can see the difference.

Learn the method so that you can heal yourself,  your clients, and your loved ones!

You'll get: 

Solutions for mysterious or chronic physical ailments so that you can be healthy again

Healing for emotional issues like depression and anxiety so that you can feel more vital

A set of tools that will help yourself and your family in the future

When you purchase the program you will receive: 

TWO easy-to-read-and-interpret lab tests: at the beginning and end of the program so that you can see the difference in your health

A series of 11 weekly webinars that teach you the simple and powerful techniques of my unique Intuitive Healing Method

Journaling and exercises so that you can perfect your technique

A private Facebook group so that you can share your results, get accountability support, and ask questions


I am amazed by how powerful your healing technique is. I used it to clear my daughter's throat. It worked like magic. I'm very grateful! –Adriana

I had a small, short crisis since our last session two weeks ago… my sister to me to the doctor for an exam…I noted very little anxiety about going in the clinic where I would have to lie down on a bed shared by   many before me. When I got home I felt the panic enter and had to shower and scrub myself several times. It passed quickly though, definitely better than a month ago when we had our first session. –Alma G.

 Hi Doctor, for me it has been a blessing to find your healing and I recommend it 100%. –Lisbeth P.

This is so simple and within reach. I'm glad I took the step to heal and feel alive. –Rebecca M.

If you're ready to take control of your healing process as a preventative measure, or to begin to reverse a chronic situation already in progress, this is for you!

Results are not guaranteed. Students who do the work and complete all assignments are highly likely to see results. This program is not meant to replace medical care. Do not discontinue your current medical care without consulting your doctor first. 

I can't wait to see how your life transforms!