Help and healing for chronic conditions


Eight years ago I was imagining what I could do to really  help the world.  So many of my patients were living with less than optimal health which was affecting their day to day life and their emotional well-being.  I began to listen closer to what they were saying about themselves and their world.  Most were quite unkind tellilng themselves how the problems they had were due to age, it didn't matter if they were in their 30's or 50's.  They were beating themselves because of what they ate and how they exercised.  They were running from one therapy to the next looking for a miracle cure without following through on any. They talked about how unsafe the world was and how humans are destroying it.  Just downright negative recordings where ever I listened, as people do tend to repeat themselves frequently.

I had a brilliant idea.  I would help people fall in love with themselves.  The world is a beautiful safe place when you are in love!  My musician friend Debbie Talasek helped me record "Because You Are You", a guided meditation to connect you with the deep love that created you.  Thanks Deb!! Please download your copy now  .

Thus the Intuitive Healing Method began to form.  

Love is a transformative energy.

Emotional frequencies have been measured by Dr. David Hawkins

Love has a very high vibration and even more so when mixed with joy as opposed to jealousy.  Falling in love with yourself has the benefit of transforming all of the water molecules in your body to a higher vibration that will promote healing, as shown by the work of Dr. Masuru Emoto.

Today I will leave you with this simple exercise, love and bless everything you eat or drink.  Simply repeat, "Love and Blessings" five times before you take a bite or sip of anything.

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