Help and healing for chronic conditions


I love the atmosphere this time of year.  The excitement I feel of people decorating their homes, putting gifts under their trees, around the Menorah, Hannukkah bush, whatever your tradition is.  Excitement and good cheer permeate the air, I feel it wherever I go, filling me with peace and joy.  I get the same feeling within me whenj I eat something that truly nourishes my body.

A large part of intuitive healing is the ability to listen to the subtle, really subtle urgings of your body.  Here in Los Angeles we are experiencing chilly, warm, dry weather.  Our bodies needs change throughout the day perhaps desiring a warm bowl of thick oatmeal with some cut up banana or apple to ward off the morning chill.  Later in the warmth of the day a fish or chicken salad with sweet orange or tangerine would be refreshing, followed by a nice cup of tea as the coolness of the evening sets in.  This is what I am hearing from my cells as I write this and I know what I will be eating tomorrow.

Your body may desire eggs and bacon to fuel you up for the day and maybe a steak with veggies and warm rolls with butter for dininer.  This would be more likely if you are in a period where you are running around a lot and feeling pressured.  Your body requires more strength, more protein.

This week ask, "What will nourish my cells?",  Quiet your mind and listen. Take into account what you imagine, even if it is quite out of the ordinary for you give it a try.  When you hit the proverbial nail on the head you will feel the difference of being full vs. the sensation of your cells being nourished from deep within.

When first learning to listen to your intuitive voice you will think it is you talking, your imagination, something silly.  As you follow the advice and impulses they will become more freqent, accurate and stronger.  Take the plunge, give your innate intelligence a chance.  Think of an internal GPS.

Bon Appetiit!!

jennie logue