Help and healing for chronic conditions

Healing is...

What does Intuitive Healing mean to you?  Think about this for a moment and please post your thoughts and coments below.

Being healthy today is mostly equated around absence; the absence of disease, the absence of certain foods in your diet or your morning coffee.  Prevention is equated with lab tests and studies finding something wrong with you when it is small.  In the United States and Mexico, the two countries I have lived in, I have seen the quality of overall health deteriorating over the years.  Me thinks it is time to adopt a new way of thinking and dealing with our wonderful bodies that accompany us during our stay on this planet.  Anyone agree?

A car just off the lot is easy to maintain in good condition for the long term, however an old rusty motorless car can be restored to reliable transportation with time, money, patience and know how.

The same is true for the body.  My desire is to catch people who are ready to learn, ready to reclaim their natural ability to heal, and stop putting their well-being into the hands of the latest diet suggestions or fabulous doctor\healer, whoever, without understanding what is being done.

Intuitive Healing requires becoming conscious.  Conscious of what you are thinking, what you are feeling, what you believe and hearing the subtle vibration being sent to you from every cell in your body.

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