Jennie Logue & The Intuitive Healing Method


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As a Doctor of Chiropractic since 1990, my intuition has been confirmed on blood tests, x-rays, MRIs, EEGs and ultrasound studies. 

Patients have consistently confirmed the insights I receive are right on.  My intuitive ability guides me to help thousands of patients to a better quality of life.  

I worked my way through Chiropractic College as a massage therapist.  While massaging the thigh of a young woman I saw the image of a little girl dressed in red happily roller skating.  It was like watching a movie; that clear.

Curious, I thought, and revealed this oddity to my client. She responded with delight, “I loved to roller skate and red was my favorite color. I wore something red every day.”

Patients began to call me at night looking for help because their baby wouldn’t stop crying or they had a severe toothache. I was able to imagine the person in front of me and address the situation. The results were amazing.

This led to my holding classes teaching people to tune in to their own body in a way similar to what I do. In my first class a patient was able to heal her cancer, which was confirmed by two oncologists. 

Recently a patient avoided an eye surgery as she healed her detached retina, again confirmed by tests in a top eye clinic in Mexico City.  

My students have strengthened their teeth, improved eyesight and circulation, reduced pain and anxiety, dissolved plantar warts and lumps in their breasts using my methods and techniques.

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